How to Choose a Wardrobe for Your Room?

Finding an ideal wardrobe for your room can be a complex task, particularly if you do not have any clue about wardrobes. An ideal wardrobe is like a cherry on the cake, it emphasises the look of the room while giving you sufficient time for storage. To help you find a proper wardrobe for your room, we at the Studio Creo have listed a few simple tips that you need to think when you choose a wardrobe for your room.





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How to Choose the Right Furniture for your Office

Spending 40 hours a week on an ill-fitting chair staring at a wonky computer on a meagre and cluttered desk isn’t going to improve productivity. When it comes to envisioning furniture for your office it has been shown that it plays a role in boosting employee productivity.

We’ve put together some advice for choosing the right furniture for your office which could help your business and improve productivity.

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5 Ways to Give Your Home a New Look this Festive Season

 The festive season of lights and celebration is here again and with it begins the journey of buying new stuff for your home and renovation your home for your new look. Studio Creo captures the spirit of celebration, joy as everyone prepares for an ultra-festive make-over which truly displays the pleasant spirit even more than ever. So, to brighten up your house this year we have collected a concise list of interiors ideas that can help you lighten up your Diwali for sure!


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Different Ways To Give Your Home A Subtle Luxurious Feel...

As the traditional saying goes, everyone home should feel like a grand luxury castle. However, nowadays it seems like luxury castles are only seen in fancy storybooks and on big-budget reality TV shows. We want to bring that gloriious luxury back into your home.

When you create your home’s, kitchen and drawing room design, remember that “luxury” doesn’t necessarily have to be synonymous with “over the top”. There are lots of ways to add a small, luxurious touch to a home. By keeping your look understated, you’ll achieve a timeless style that your family and wallet will love.

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Why Italian-Style Home Decor is so popular?

The real question is, why wouldn’t it be? Of course, Italian-Style home furnishings are in! It is impressive, gorgeously gilded, simple and created of only the most important furnishings. Italian design is the essence of richness.


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Five Reasons Why One Should Invest in Italian Furniture

The furniture’s we purchase beautify and lifts the spirit of our homes. No doubt people make huge investments in furniture after investing in car, education. People put a lot of time and effort in picking the furniture for their households as the furniture should suit the theme and look of their homes.

Although people invest in furniture after having a discussion with their relatives or consulting with people connected with furniture industry, sometimes they even make a blunder by buying low-quality furniture that does not last long and or it requires continuous repairing over the small period.

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