Why Italian-Style Home Decor is so popular?

By Studio Creo
Wednesday, 18th Sep, 2019

The real question is, why wouldn’t it be? Of course, Italian-Style home furnishings are in! It is impressive, gorgeously gilded, simple and created of only the most important furnishings. Italian design is the essence of richness.

Historically, Renaissance panorama and pattern dating back to the early 15th Century in Florence, Italy. This pattern was governed by architectural stone columns and elegant rococo stylings. Fast-forward to today’s Italian-Style apartments, and you will still see marvellous craftsmanship and stunning styles, but there seem to be two pre-eminent organisations of design that have developed— Old World Ornate Italian and Modern Italian.

 Here is why Italian-Style is so popular:


We are not sure if it is a consequence of ancient Italian history or simply good feeling that runs in this gene-pool, but Italian’s sure know how to rehabilitate a home.

Italian-style homes are not just adequate, they are layered in extravagance from stage to roof—not a monopolisation is required. Each part is top-quality and fine craftsmanship prevails supreme. Old World Italian homes have Murano quartz crystal fixtures swinging from framed roofs. Their walls highlight ensured trim and specially structured wall portraits, and the floors are shrouded in sparkling wood or ivory with excessive region mats strewn about for included solace.

 Italian Style: Tile, Marble and Stone


From marble to terra cotta, stoneware of all modifications finds its origins in Italian history. Ancient Italian artisans accomplished this natural stone into lines of perfection.

The geometric designs, colour and inlaid art of these stone tiles are complex, elegant and a must-have in the Italian-style home. Today’s elegantly furnished homes cover their attics and walls in this veined, gleaming alabaster stone, and up-to-date designs take advantage of these shiny stones to add the spell to their minimalist interiors.

 Italian Style: More Modern Design


The modern Italian design is more clean-lined, and a bit blacker and whiter than its sister, the elegant traditionalist. Nonetheless, there remains that scored touch that screams luxury, such as an unusual crystal chandelier, or gleaming accessory that you would not usually find in a minimalist modern home.

From 15th Century Florence to now, Italian style remains exquisite. Its use of high-quality furnishings, artistic stone and tile, and gilt stays popular for good reason— the effect of combining all these parts results in a supreme style that will never go out of style.

 Whether you are an old-school or a modernist, an Italian-style home can be yours. Just visit Studio Creo website or call on +91 8076250669 by buying the best of everything! And if this is unaffordable, then reinvest in one to two high-quality Italian items that will serve a lifetime, and don’t neglect to use stone, marble and tile anywhere possible—it just screeches Italian luxury.