Chennai Showroom


We were asked to design a very modern showroom for Bhartiya International, a leather garments & accessory manufacturing company. The site offered was an existing parking lot shaded by many teakwood trees which had to be retained. The showroom had to have 3 meeting rooms, a conference room, a visitors lounge equipped with a bar, a store & a toilet. The building had to be subtle and blend with the surroundings. The most challenging was the timeline- it had to be handed over within 90 working days- including design!


The building had to come up quickly therefore prefab type of construction was the preferred choice. Masonry work was used only up to the plinth level to make base for the superstructure which was made of mild steel sections and trusses. PUF panels were used on the roof to minimize weight and maximize the heat insulation. Cement board panels and toughened glass formed the minimal building envelope. A skylight in the corridor was introducedto allow light & afford a breathtaking view of the tall slender teakwood trees piercing the sky above. A wooden screen was introduced at the entrance to create an interesting texture.


The displays for the leather bags & accessories were made using mild steel tubes to make visually permeable. The wall hung shelves were made using molded PMMA sheets. The peripheral showrooms have a gypsum false ceiling for appropriate display lighting while the corridor and the visitor lounge has exposed Mild Steel trusses and purlins with hanging pendant lights to make a design statement and use the building skeleton to our advantage. Minimal and contemporary furniture was specially procured from Italy to blend with the modern building envelope.