Introducing Exquisite Bathroom Designs: The Latest from Aboutwater Boffi-Fantini

During Fuorisalone 2023, a site-specific installation by Piero Lissoni unveil the Ex.Series collections, marking a significant addition to the Aboutwater Boffi Fantini Catalog. These collections, including PIPE designed by Marcel Wanders, ECLIPSE by Design Studio Charlie and GARDEN by Piero Lissoni, were previously part of the esteemed Boffi collection.

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Boffi’s Novanta Kitchen: A New Era of Luxury Kitchens

To commemorate Boffi's anniversary, Piero Lissoni introduces the Novanta kitchen system, a remarkable blend of innovation and design excellence. At its core lies a groundbreaking recessed base, supporting base units with finished panels, creating a captivating floating illusion. This design innovation reflects Boffi's commitment to pushing boundaries in industrial design and material innovation.

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Top 4 Benefits of Having an Extendable Dining Tables in Your Home

Do your kitchen and home space is insufficient? Extendable dining tables are an exceptional way to maximise your available dining room space.

An extendable dining table is specifically what it sounds like. There are the parts that you insert into the table to make the table more important for dinner parties and special occasions.

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Kitchen Trends: 5 Top Trends For 2020 -21

The idea of getting a brand-new kitchen is fairly exciting. Especially if it’s been a while since it was last rehabilitated. If you plan on redecorating your kitchen soon, it would be best to know all about the most up-to-date trends so you can surmise out what is best for your space. The possibilities are endless.



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How to Choose a Wardrobe for Your Room?

Finding an ideal wardrobe for your room can be a complex task, particularly if you do not have any clue about wardrobes. An ideal wardrobe is like a cherry on the cake, it emphasises the look of the room while giving you sufficient time for storage. To help you find a proper wardrobe for your room, we at the Studio Creo have listed a few simple tips that you need to think when you choose a wardrobe for your room.


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How to Choose the Right Furniture for your Office

Spending 40 hours a week on an ill-fitting chair staring at a wonky computer on a meagre and cluttered desk isn’t going to improve productivity. When it comes to envisioning furniture for your office it has been shown that it plays a role in boosting employee productivity.

We’ve put together some advice for choosing the right furniture for your office which could help your business and improve productivity.

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